27 Nisan 2011 Çarşamba

Roulettechat the french chatroulette clone

Roulettechat is a French chatroulette clone for people from France only.
You can find different options on the website:
  • cam2cam: the original chatroulette version.
  • cam2girl: you can chat with a French girl in a one-to-one conversation.
  • multicam: you can display 2 or 4 cams on your screen and chat with them at the same time.
This French video chat looks slightly different from the other chatroulette like: it has pink colors, nice icons and a better overall look.
Roulettechat alternatives are: camtoya.fr, moveyourcam.com, bazoocam.org, allumetacam.fr etc.
My best experience on roulettechat: i met 3 Japanese girls from England (i know it is weird…) and we talked for more than 3 hours before we got disconnected. Luckily, we had time to exchange our email and Facebook address before that! One of the Japanese girl was really cute and we are still in touch at the moment. i was quite surprised that those girls were chatting on a French video chat but they told me they like frenchies and that they have fun with them!
Apart from this experience with the 3 girls, i have also met a German woman who was 40 years old or something. It is usually not my type of girl but this time she was definitely nice and cute for her age. I don’t think she is the kind of girl i want as a girlfriend but she can become a very good friend i am sure!

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