29 Nisan 2011 Cuma

FBchatroulette.net chat with Facebook users

Fbchatroulette.net is a lot like Chatroulette in the fact that you connect with people all over the world through video chat.  With the popularity of Facebook and Chatroulette, fbchatroulette.net has designed its website to focus on chatting with Facebook users.  So, you have to have a Facebook account with at least 10 friends to use this website.
It may not be as simple compared to other Chatroulette alternatives because you have to sign up via your Facebook account, but you are able to talk with more local people, and even people off your friends list.  Also, no inappropriate things is guaranteed, which makes the site safer for everyone to use.
Things you may not like include the fact that it requires your personal Facebook login, and the surrounding ads on the site.  Fbchatroulette.net has tried to ad in features including virtual badges you can give people if they are someone great to talk to.

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