29 Nisan 2011 Cuma

Cam to cam with Justin Bieber

Cam to cam with Justin Bieber is the unfulfilled fantasy of many a teenage girl. And if a girl says that she has indeed had even a friendly conversation with the teen star via any chat site, you can be sure that she is showing off for and trying to fool her friends, or to make her rivals for the star’s imagined affection quite jealous indeed.
That is not to say that some innocent and not so innocent young chatters have not engaged in roleplay to make it seem as if a young lady is having a video camera conversation with Justin Bieber.
More often than not, this is not innocent at all, as the would be Justin Bieber can be a very malicious girl who purposely blurs her image on her webcam and disguises her voice so that she is able to fool a lovestruck Belieber into thinking she is chatting with the object of her desires.
However, sometimes girls, or even girls and boys, do enjoy harmless roleplay, and an innocent faked cam to cam with Justin Bieber encounter can just be part of growing up in today’s connected world. At worst, the participants will talk about how they were able to express their fantasies for a couple of days, and then they will move on to the latest Bieber gossip or to another harmless online fantasy.
One warning: Children and teens should beware of any paid site offering cam to cam with Justin Bieber or any other celebrity. Any such offer is a scam and it is nearly impossible for a parent whose credit card has been used for such a scam to get a refund.

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