29 Nisan 2011 Cuma

Chatroulette without a webcam

Many people ask if it’s possible to play on Chatroulette without a webcam. Well, it’s possible and there are two main options:

1.You can use fake webcam softwares like Manycam, FakeWebcam or WebcamMax. People won’t see your face but you can show the video or the picture of your choice.
2.Forget about video chat websites and opt for text chat websites like Omegle. It looks like an old chat website but it’s still random so you will meet people from all over the world that you don’t know.

In case you don’t like Omegle or Manycam, then you will have to buy a webcam if you want to use Chatroulette. There are no other way to use Chatroulette without having a webcam.

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