29 Nisan 2011 Cuma

How to install Manycam on Chatroulette?

If you don’t have a webcam to play on Chatroulette, you need to install a software like Manycam, WebcamMax or FakeWebcam.

The most popular of them is Manycam (you can download it at manycam.com) because it’s free as opposed to the other two. Simply follow this step-by-step process to install Manycam on Chatroulette:

1.Select Manycam as your webcam on Chatroulette
2.Press the “Preview” button
3.After the popup comes out, press the “Allow” button and it should work fine

Many people use Manycam for pranks and jokes. You can find some funny screenshots on chatroulette-screenshots.com made by people using a fake webcam software!

Let us know if you find a better software than Manycam, we will review it and post the review on the website.

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