29 Nisan 2011 Cuma

What is chatroulette

Chat roulette, is just a way of meeting people online randomly, mainly for users with webcams.

Chat roulette alternative
This is wocchats random chat application, here you can meet people randomly for text chat and webcam chats. This is based on the world famous Chatroulette application, and this also goes under other names such as webcam roulette. However this site should not be confused with chatroulette.com, wocchat.com is a completely different site to chatroulette.com using different software.

How to use Wocchat Roulette
Load the application; enable your webcam if you wish by checking the tick boxes at the top of the page.
You will enjoy the chat more if you have a webcam and you will find more people will chat with you, so its best to enable this before you start.
You can still use our random chat facility if you don't have a webcam, but don't be surprised if people with a webcams wont talk to you.
Once you are ready to start your game click start and it will search and connect you to a new chatter at random, once you are connected you can either chat in the window provided or click next to move on to someone else.

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