27 Nisan 2011 Çarşamba

Ran Chat girls from Korea

Let’s be honest, i had no idea how was a Korean girl before chatting on Ran chat. I had some Asian (Japanese and Chinese) friends when i was a student in the USA but i had never had the chance to meet someone from Korea before, especially a girl.
Well, i have to say that i have been surprised to discover that korean girls are not only cute but also very friendly when it comes to online conversations with a webcam. For example, last week I met a woman from Seoul called Tini on Ran chat who became my very good friend. We chatted for more than 2 hours in English and French and since now we catch up online every two or three days on Skype or Facebook and we share our life stories.
On the contrary, every time i meet a Japanese or Chinese woman on chatroulette, i always face communication problems. First, they are very shy with foreigners and secondly their English is not that good and it is sometimes difficult to be understood correctly. So, i have would have to choose between a conversation with a girls from Korea or from another Asian country on chatroulette or any similar site like ran chat, i would choose the Korean girl without any hesitation.

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