29 Nisan 2011 Cuma

Cam to Cam with Random People

Today, chat sites which offer cam to cam with random people are gaining in popularity, and chatting on such sites can be quite interesting indeed. However, there are some pitfalls to chatting with random strangers online, and it is important to know when to disconnect from a chat.
Here are some warning signals that your cam chat may be leading to an unpleasant or dangerous conclusion:
1) Purposely Blurred Webcam Shots.
If someone is hiding themselves, they have something to hide. Ask a chatter to give you a clearer picture. And if they refuse, close the chat.
 2) Link Spam
If someone is using enticing webcam images and posting links to another site, it is a scam that involves either phishing or a pay site. Close the chat. Cam to cam is supposed to be free fun, not a way of advertising illegal and harmful sites.
 3) Pushing for Information
Someone who begins a chat with ASL – Age, Sex, Location – will probably lie to you about their stats. That is because such a chatter is a fake and is looking to entrap either a fellow fake or a young person into a lurid chat or into a spam scam. Close the chat window if someone starts asking ASL before even saying hello.
 4) Obvious Fakers
Unless you enjoy leading a fool along so you can make an even bigger fool out of him, avoid the obvious fakers who cam to cam with random people using false identities. They are usually very obvious indeed, and while they are usually harmless, a chat with them is a waste of time.
5) The Really Bad Ones
Anyone who appears naked or is otherwise clearly looking for virtual sexual encounters is usually not worthwhile chatting with unless you want to hear his lurid fantasies and roleplay with him by posing as a young movie actress. And if he appears naked and solicits underage chatters, he is considered a felon in most parts of the civilized world. If you can report such a chatter, do so – but in any case, don’t get involved.
Most people who enjoy cam to cam with random people are looking for friendship or to pass some time. Quickly shutting the virtual door on the troublemakers is a great way to ensure that your chat experience will be a pleasant one.

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