27 Nisan 2011 Çarşamba

brazilian girls on Catapapo the Brazilian random chat

The first time i visited catapapo, the Brazilian chatroulette clone, i was quite surprised to meet so many beautiful Brazilian girls! Yes, it is true and not only a rumor: Brazilian women are cute,very nice to talk to.

First advice: it is better to know Portuguese if you want to chat for a long time because English is not well spoken by everybody on catapapo. The second advice i can give you is to be friendly with everyone you meet because people from Brazil don’t like rude language and attitude. Be nice and friendly and you will meet plenty of wonderful South American friends!

Believe it or not, i received more than 10 invitations to visit Brazil from friends i have met on catapapo. And i am not talking about invitations just for fun; people insisted to keep in touch with me and insured me that i was more than welcomed if one day i would like to visit their beautiful country. Actually, i am thinking about it because i would love to see the beaches of sao paulo and live the hot nights of brazil once in my life.

In case, catapapo doesn’t work on your pc, don’t panic. It is just a technical problem and usually it is solved on less than one hour by their staff. It happened to me several times and it always went right after some time.

Well, i think you know everything know to meet beautiful Brazilian women on catapapo!

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