29 Nisan 2011 Cuma

Chateroulete like Webcamnow

Webcamnow is a great way to mingle with strangers online or keep in touch with friends and family.  Kind of like Chateroulete, webcamnow gives you the options of being placed with a stranger via video chat, and being able to switch through people with a click.  Also, with the option of private video chatting webcamnow sticks out..here is the website broken down!
Good Stuff:  Even before starting on webcamnow you have to agree to a set of rules and your age is required, which makes the site seem safe.  The general look of webcamnow.com is also really nice, clean, and put together.  Also, on webcamnow, having the option to talk to strangers or connect with people you know is a seller.
Bad Stuff: Because you have to go through a sign up, the site isn’t as convenient as Chateroulete, but because of that, it’s probably more appropriate
Overall, webcamnow is a great alternative to Chateroulete if you like options on privacy, and who you talk to.

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