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Chatroulette.com—in a nutshell, is a weird webcam chat site that was made by a russian kid a few years ago, apparently he coined the name after watching the movie the “the deer hunter”…a little morbid right? Anyway, if you get a kick out of chatting to strangers, or juststrange people, then chat roulette might be a good way for you to pass some time. Chatroulette is basically a place where anyone with a webcam, and or a microphone can go online and pretty much do/say what ever they want. Beware, this site is a known home to the depraved, and has a large demographic of exhibitionist weirdos. The site really took off after its launch in 2009 and traffic grew exponentially making it a top alexa ranked site. Since then many sites like chatroulette or “chatroulette clones” have been popping up over the internet. If you are interested in checking out some of the other sites like chatroulette you can find a bunch on the list provided.

Other Sites Like Chatroulette

  • Omegle.com
  • Camfrog.com
  • Stickam.com
  • Youcam.com

How Chatroulette Works

As the site name suggest, chatroulette is a bit of a gamble, basically you just attach the webcam and click a button and then you are randomly matched with a “chat partner”, you might find a relatively normal person, but most likely you will be matched with some freak, upon which you “next” that fool by hitting the “next button”, your mouse clicker finger will get sore. Some of my most memorable chat partners was one old russian dude singing a variety of hopeless love tunes, some guy trying to explain the latest dance moves in the french techno scene (or something like that I got hella confused, entertaining though) and most of the others were just creepy and weird.

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