27 Nisan 2011 Çarşamba

Video chat websites in Eastern Europe (Romania, Hungary, Poland)

Except chatroulette.ro, i don’t know any other eastern european video chat websites. I hope somebody could help me and send me a few names.

I have visited eastern europe last summer (Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania) and i particularly appreciated the romanian trip. Cities like bucharest, cluj, timisoara were just awesome! i would love to meet romanian girls on webcam that’s why i am looking for a local website like chatroulette in the country.

I know there are some dating and chat websites but i am specifically looking for a free random webcam chat like Bazoocam, Camtoya or Lollichat. i know many random chat in different countries like Spain, France, Brazil, Germany, China, Switzerland but almost nothing in Eastern Europe.

please feel free to suggest video chat names for the following eastern european countries:

    * hungary
    * romania
    * bulgaria
    * moldova
    * poland
    * ukraine
    * russia
    * czech republic
    * slovakia

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