27 Nisan 2011 Çarşamba

English webcam roulette websites

Apart from the world famous chatroulette, there are many more english webcam roulette websites that are popular in the world.
most of them are just clones of chatroulette and only a few a them are serious competitors. here is a top 10:
  • lollichat.com
  • camjabber.com
  • yapchat.com
  • zapandtalk.com
  • flipchat.com
  • anochat.com
  • tinychat.com
  • tipitty.com
  • chatroulette.no
  • chatroulettequebec.com
  • patchroulette.com
  • superchatroulette.com
so far, my best experience has been on TinyChat where i have met at least 10 very beautiful girls from the USA, canada, australia and england. it was such a joy to discover that this website was visited by as much women as men. however, i haven’t tried enought alternatives yet to tell you if it is the only one.
next month, i will make a new list with the top 10 webcam roulette websites for girls. I hope you guys will send me lots of comments to improve the list and make it longer if needed.

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