27 Nisan 2011 Çarşamba

Chatroulette videos on Youtube

Youtube is such a great site to watch chatroulette videos online. I have seen so many crazy clips like the one with lady gaga! this video is just awesome! you should really watch it…
It is nice to see that people use chatroulette to express their creativity and not only to do strange things… i hope people will continue to post such things on youtube and funny screenshots on facebook too.
From what i know, there are some softwares available for free that you can use to record and post your funny clip on youtube. I don’t have the list right now but i will update this article as soon as i get 4 or 5 interesting names to share with you.
Feel free to send your best chatroulette videos to me and i will post them on the blog. Don’t forget that this is a family-friendly blog about video chat websites and that i won’t be able to publish adult materials. please send videos or screenshots that are stricly family oriented and safe for kids.

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